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two updates in a row.

I um.. forgot last week to do commentary in the journal. ^^; and it's late this week. And I'm not sure how good it is, I'm just hoping it's understandable because I put so much time and effort into it. I'm also lagging like hell so if you see some "(sp?)"s, it's because I'm too impatient to wait through the lag for spellchecker.

Last week:
- We saw Epson waving goodbye to the birds that made him chief.
- We see the very first close-up of "ug beast". It's scientific name is "Ugfgjkdshjkges-afjkh". Thank you writer for coming up with it's name. XD
- The squirrel thing is very sad it lost Epson's hat
- And now it has amassed an army to retrieve it.
- I imagine the ug beast has very silky cuddly fur. Just don't get under it's feet.

This week:
- I tried so hard! Originally I was going to cut it up into two seperate issues, but then I decided it really was best all together and in the end I shrank everything tiny-sized and since I couldn't come up with a suitable background, I did a picture of the mole-people all shadowfied with their spears and I'm afraid it clutters it up. :\ Well you be the judge.
- Some of you may be wondering "why can't you see Franc's face at all in this issue?" Well to be honest with you it just turned out that way, it always happened to be showing his right, hair-covered side, or it was a sillouette (sp?) and I didn't notice until I was past the point of no return. We all know he's pretty. Moving on. xp
- Dear sniper-kat with her sharp eye noticed that I fucked up with Franc's injuries, he shouldn't have healed that fast and I forgot all the cuts. So from now on until an appropriate time, he'll still be pretty beaten up. And I went through past issues to fix his cuts. (meaning, I drew them in)
- I really want to say I like how this turned out. I really do. The art at least I think I did very well considering I had to shrink it little. Especially the top panel. that's hot.
- In the background by the way, it's a white sillouette (sp?) like in the others, I've seen it in anime before and done it before in my other comic and I figure it works ok here. Professor's kickin some mole man ass is what he's doing.
- I drew the fat bearded mole man special. I call him "chubbyupagus". I wanted to draw a fat person, sue me. He's such a cute chubbykins.
- I found the script in this one rather hilarious as usual, my favorite part is when Barty hits his head. Like a bird on a freshly washed window. ^^

-- The Artist

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