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I updated on time! *pose*

-This week's issue is the first in Epson's hat-retrieval adventure. It's got no script, and I'm not going to put any words in it. Just general.. exclamation, cussing gibberish, sound effects, that kind of thing. 
-I wouldn't have put the cuss-bubble in but it's supposed to be implied that he's chasing his hat toward a big mole hill.
-Since there is no script, I get to play around with it as much as I want. XD
-Yeah in the last panel that's an overhead shot of the woods, plains, and mole hill.
-The second to last panel is my favorite, even though I didn't draw it perfectly. I haven't drawn anything with that perspective before though, and I love trying new things.
-As much trouble as trees are to color, I love what they look like in the finished product.

- The Artist
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