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[25 Sep 2006|06:28am]


Sorry it's three weeks late, all my fault I take full responsibility. I'll try not to let it happen again, promise.
That guy holding the platypus, he's dressed like that because he's -the- guy. He's the platypus holding guy. It's his job, it's what he does, it's his official "mystical platypus holder" uniform.
Hehe.. I got the chubby dude in another one. Go me.
Prof. and Blackie aren't in this issue. They're there, just.. Not in the view of the camera. They're like on the other side of the camera guy. *nod*
Um.. I'm tired and have nothing else to say otherwise.
And at no point at six in the morning did I update with Franc sans scar and bruised eye. It was all an illusion.
G'nite everybody. *mosies*

-The Artist

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two updates in a row. [01 Sep 2006|03:23am]


I um.. forgot last week to do commentary in the journal. ^^; and it's late this week. And I'm not sure how good it is, I'm just hoping it's understandable because I put so much time and effort into it. I'm also lagging like hell so if you see some "(sp?)"s, it's because I'm too impatient to wait through the lag for spellchecker.

Last week:
- We saw Epson waving goodbye to the birds that made him chief.
- We see the very first close-up of an..um.. "ug beast". It's scientific name is "Ugfgjkdshjkges-afjkh". Thank you writer for coming up with it's name. XD
- The squirrel thing is very sad it lost Epson's hat
- And now it has amassed an army to retrieve it.
- I imagine the ug beast has very silky cuddly fur. Just don't get under it's feet.

This week:
- I tried so hard! Originally I was going to cut it up into two seperate issues, but then I decided it really was best all together and in the end I shrank everything tiny-sized and since I couldn't come up with a suitable background, I did a picture of the mole-people all shadowfied with their spears and I'm afraid it clutters it up. :\ Well you be the judge.
- Some of you may be wondering "why can't you see Franc's face at all in this issue?" Well to be honest with you it just turned out that way, it always happened to be showing his right, hair-covered side, or it was a sillouette (sp?) and I didn't notice until I was past the point of no return. We all know he's pretty. Moving on. xp
- Dear sniper-kat with her sharp eye noticed that I fucked up with Franc's injuries, he shouldn't have healed that fast and I forgot all the cuts. So from now on until an appropriate time, he'll still be pretty beaten up. And I went through past issues to fix his cuts. (meaning, I drew them in)
- I really want to say I like how this turned out. I really do. The art at least I think I did very well considering I had to shrink it little. Especially the top panel. that's hot.
- In the background by the way, it's a white sillouette (sp?) like in the others, I've seen it in anime before and done it before in my other comic and I figure it works ok here. Professor's kickin some mole man ass is what he's doing.
- I drew the fat bearded mole man special. I call him "chubbyupagus". I wanted to draw a fat person, sue me. He's such a cute chubbykins.
- I found the script in this one rather hilarious as usual, my favorite part is when Barty hits his head. Like a bird on a freshly washed window. ^^

-- The Artist

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what if the creator was one of us? just a slob like one of us.. [14 Aug 2006|02:25pm]

-See I can draw much better when I try. I should try more often. Though I'm having issues with the animals, I can never quite get Professor or Black the right size.. 
-I think I finally got Black the proper size for a crow and not say, a raven or small vulture. Though the way he's perched he looks a little like a black canary. 
-By the way, Professor looked a lot better before his spots blended into the darkness in the background.
-I did the lineart well because of current restrictions forcing me to stop being lazy.
-Oh, the joke in this issue is one of my favorites, hilarious stuff. XD
-I also started color coordinating the speech bubbles. I'm eventually going to be trying out new techniques, and the colors will be neccissary. It won't be hard to follow at all though, and I've seen comics do it before and think it's kinda pretty.
-As for the plot, it thickens!

I did official art of Epson on the gallery, shortly I'm going to do Proff and Black, and Franc of course he's just being a butthead about letting me draw him.

-The Artist

- I cackled, actually cackled when I saw Professor's expression. He looks so unimpressed, in complete contrast to Francie who is all "WTF?" And then there's Barty, who is all..."freakin pay attention to what I'm translating here!"
- The whole orginal joke was supposed to be that the mystic raven is stating the very much obvious there, but I think the shift turned towards Professor having matches. Which is good, cos it's much funnier this way. 
- Not much else to say really, as I wrote this a very long time ago and found it hilarious.
- Where's Franc's nipples though? 

-The Writer.
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[31 Jul 2006|10:13pm]


The feathers! The featherrrs!

Okay this is part two of Epson's magical journey to retrieve his hat. As you can see, this one is pretty self-explanatory. Epson grabbed the bird's feet, got taken for a ride, then they made him chief. (there's a parody in there somewhere)

- I have no complaints about the art in this one! I love it. *hugs it* Well I -do- need to work on sillouettes better. And need to learn how to spell sillouette.
- The birds are freaking gorgeous.. I don't know what to call them, but eh. That squirrel-like thing isn't actually a squirrel, either. I think it's mother might have been a chipmunk.
- They gave him a crown. Of feathers. Hehe, get it? A crown of feathers? XD I'm so sorry I'll never make a pun like that again.
- Actually on page seven you get your firt glimpse of one of the birds, though in the end I decided to give it more feathers on the tail and a blue crown. Mainly because I didn't consult page seven before drawing this one. *looks down ashamedly*
- By the way, the feathers decorating this whole thing came from a photoshop brush I made especially for this issue and now want to use for everything. Hehe I love making brushes now.
- I'm also working on a map of Kalten, for the site. *nod*

- The Artist

Edit:- Hrm. (yes, I know, late at commenting, bad bad bad writer....I'll get my spanking later.) 

-This one, is just too awesome. i decided to leave Epson's adventure entirely up to the artist because a) I was too lazy, and b) I wanted to see what he'd come up with working without any direction and here's the important part no dialogue whatsoever. 
The birds just rock. 
- and Epson's screamin face is freakin' hilarious. 
- And so is his happy "Lookit me I'm important!" face. 
- And you just know no-one will believe him. 

That is all. 

- the writer.

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[25 Jul 2006|06:23am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Somewhere on the planet it's still Monday right now, I'm sure.. Well.. By the time you read this probably not. Unless you read this next week, or on a monday in general.. Then it would apply..  Okay the artist needs sleep.

- I apologise for how Franc looks in the first panel, I didn't notice how shittily I drew him until after I colored it. Barty's hair also looks like shit.
- But Prof looks good.
- Oh and the red stuff on Franc's chin and chest isn't a rash, he's growing his body hair back. Of course he shaved it before. There are no gillettes where they're at. Barty doesn't grow facial hair. It's an Avi'arian thing, since they're somewhat hermaphodidic.. is that how you spell it? Anyway I need to update the 'about' section and we need to put in a section on Avi'Arians and Cheval-elfes so the writer and I aren't the only people who understand some of the jokes. *laughs*
- The second panel I like best. Because Black looks awesome and the "overlooking the field" shot doesn't look bad, and I like how I've got him kinda crowding into the third panel.
- Third panel was the msot evil. Though I really like how Barty's poised, all kinda contorted and down low to the ground to peep under the rock, with all the upturned rocks around him. He's trying -really- hard. Gotta give him that much. Everyone I showed the sketch to thought he was having sex with something though, and the colored version looks like a mess of grey and black so I hope you all can see what's going on there. (really that's why I put the "*peeking under a rock*" bit there.)
- Yes the mole hill looks like a dirt cookie! I tried so hard to make it look like a mole hill, I'm sorry folks. XD
- Oh and in the last panel if you didn't notice, they fell into the mole hill. (yano usually people get what I'm showing them but sometimes it needs explained.)
- I notice I've been getting lazy lately with drawing the characters.. I'll have to rectify that.

I really dig the mushroom bit. The writer gave me freedom over their conversation. ^^ I was going for a red-dwarf kinda humor with it. Dunno how well I pulled it off.  I love the rest of it though, and there's a lot more to come as the plot thickens!

It's weird that I have another comic I do by myself but I never realized before how much goes into the writing. Like.. he doesn't just come up with the text part, but also the direction, and he can come up with stuff that I'd never even think of on my own, and it spurs me on to be more creative with my art. I guess that's why this comic is so much more artistic than my other. ^^ That's cool. Remember, keep giving the writer props! He rocks! Okay I'm getting mushy I need to go to bed. xp

-The Artist

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new! [17 Jul 2006|06:18pm]

[ mood | hot ]

I updated on time! *pose*

-This week's issue is the first in Epson's hat-retrieval adventure. It's got no script, and I'm not going to put any words in it. Just general.. exclamation, cussing gibberish, sound effects, that kind of thing. 
-I wouldn't have put the cuss-bubble in but it's supposed to be implied that he's chasing his hat toward a big mole hill.
-Since there is no script, I get to play around with it as much as I want. XD
-Yeah in the last panel that's an overhead shot of the woods, plains, and mole hill.
-The second to last panel is my favorite, even though I didn't draw it perfectly. I haven't drawn anything with that perspective before though, and I love trying new things.
-As much trouble as trees are to color, I love what they look like in the finished product.

- The Artist

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[09 Jul 2006|04:54am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I'm so so sorry the comic didn't update last weekend, but I've been having troubles with comics in general lately, as well as other things. I'll be back on track from now on. At least.. This upcoming weekend the update will be on time and after that we'll see. *laughs*

The writer's back! Well.. In a manner of speaking. *hugs him* Now onto the comic.

- I could have made this issue darker, like it's night time and all, but it was daylight while I was finishing the coloring and I can't block the sun from shining on the screen so everything looks darker to me than it really is. That and my screen is crap.

- Frankly I think I could've done a better job all around, but I'm surprised I've managed doing much of anything, it's July and everybody's damn birthday is in July and I've had to do art for everybody since I'm poor and I'm making up excuses.

- The script however, rocks. Totally rocks. I love it. *laughs* especially that 'caw' at the end. XD The next issue is all Epson in his quest for his runaway hat.

- Yes that is Barty's jacket on Franc there, Franc with his own clothes back and all. Franc either stole the jacket to use as a blanket or Barty was just being sweet and Franc will wake up the next day and give him a weird look. You get to use your imagionations there.

- I also love how Epson snaps awake the second his hat is removed from his person. It's like an empathic link between him and his hat.

I guess I'm tired. *chuckles. goes*

- the artist

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[01 Jul 2006|05:35pm]

Mwhaha! So I am back! 

I am also far too lazy to back date any comments, so all you need to know is that I laughed, I found them funny. And Francie looks bitchin' in a pink dress. I said the narrator was going to have a bigger part. 

Wait till you see what the other kids do. 

Um. I'll be commenting on Sunday's issue, mainly because I'll be home, but then it will be another very long absence of three weeks.

The archaeology dig rocked, by the way. I got sunburnt and swam in the north sea after getting drunk on a beach. (True story.) 

-the writer.
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sleepyness [27 Jun 2006|06:30am]

[ mood | giddy ]

Yes it's late again. <_< Genious cannot be rushed, however. I spent the entire weekend agonizing over how I should piece this together to work without caving in to the urge to fit everything into neat and tidy boxes. And isn't it beautiful? ;-; it's beautiful.

- I love the script for this one, I was crackin' up the second I laid eyes on it. I like how Francie argues with the narrator. And the pink dress. XD Whoo, that was fun to draw. Actually I originally wanted to draw the dress from the movie "pretty in pink", but was too lazy to look it up, since I was in one room and the computer was in the other. I think the flower adds the right "prom dress" touch. I threw in the barette and pink ribbon in his hair so he'd match.

- I didn't do the spark and fiery 'fwoosh' as well as I did the pink sparkly 'poof'.... I wonder if that says something about me. ...... *makes a mental note to look at car magazines later*

- My absolute favorite part is where they're all sitting there huddled round the fire, then after the spark, Epson and Barty get spooked and end up in the distance there with the big eyes. I also like the lighting effects in that same panel with the fire, I just wish I added more shadows, now. But I like the lighting and how it reflects off of Black's eye.

-It really is adorable, how Barty and Epson rely on Francie to do stuff like.. fight big monsters for them and light the fire and stuff.. it's cute. to me.

By the way, I opened up a little store at cafepress.com. There's not a lot there yet and there's nothing related to my comics on it as of today, but check it out.


I have to wash dishes now, before I'm too tired to stand up. XD *mosies*

-The Artist

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O-o [19 Jun 2006|08:28pm]

[ mood | hot ]

Okay it's just you and me for a little while, now.. Be gentle. ^^;

*sobs* I miss him already! For those of you who don't read older entries and don't know what's going on, the writer took off for a couple months. It's all here.


Though he gave me all the scripts I'd need, isn't that nice? ^^

And sorry about not updating last week, I've been having some personal issues here. My other comic was only updated 'cause I'd already had it finished before the problems arose. xp

As for this week's Kalten!

-I wanted to do purple mountains. Though they're more greyish purple than actual purple..

-Yet again an empty plane! It looks so bare! But I guess it's supposed to be barren?

-That thing Franc is fighting there, I don't have a name for it either, but it's kind of like a... wolf/bear/ape thing. They come bigger than that, also. He was just fighting a little one. Barty probably played scavanger and stole it's dinner, and pissed it off.

-I like how the fire ant turned out. I remember when I was a kid and my brother was telling me about a nest of fire ants in the woods, and I imagined these giant red ants with fire coming off the top of them. Kept me from going into the woods for a few years. XD

-In the last panel, they're supposed to be attacking Epson for singing again.. I dunno if I portrayed that well enough, they kinda look like they're just angrily flying, to me.

People tell me a lot that I can't draw well, but I can cg very well. But you know what? I can draw damn well too! *shakes a fist at the critics*

-The artist

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[05 Jun 2006|12:18am]

draw right
*points* see that was me trying to draw this thing all week. Now fortunately in the end it didn't turn out -that- bad.. Just not all that great, either. I cheated and made Epson and Barty chibi-ish. As for comments:

- The bit of dialogue between The Professor and Black, that was me taking liberties, the writer didn't write that in. So if you think it's stupid, blame me. xp I still think there's a point in even the most brilliant of creature's life where they must go "wtf". Also, the crooning of Barty and Epson is also my writing, hence why they aren't very astute. ^^; Sorry I just couldn't think of fanboyish things for them to say.

- I gave the kitty things new horns! These are pointier. And what I wanted in the first place but I was too lazy to attempt drawing.  That one's missing an eye. I don't know why, you ask him.

- That's a black eye Franc has, I swear. Not eyeshadow!

- Also you'll note a lack of.. rocks or mountains or anything special in the background.. I'm so sorry, I was falling asleep while coloring this. However, I did get it done on time! By three minutes! ^_^ At least here it was still Sunday by three minutes. XD

-The Artist
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Oh no! [29 May 2006|04:47am]

[ mood | amused ]

Humm.. Little cogs and wheels turning in my brain.. not fast enough, need more coffee. At five in the morning. I have dishes! I'm not tired! *will go to bed after posting*

Anyway, I did not post the comic late! You're all just a day early. o_O Don't you know it's still Sunday? In my world. ^_^

Photoshop is evil. It says something is 8.5"x11" but it's not. Then when I go to make something that size, it's too big. So like now the comic's really..5.5"x6" or something. But I guess it's okay.. not too big, not too small.. hum.

About these things..monster..things? They don't have a name but I pretty much made them up. So far I call them "kitty things". For they have very very very cute babies, which you will see a couple of in the future. Near, far, I dunno, every issue script the writer hands me is a new and pleasant surprise. XD

But anyway, I like them. They've got these bendy really flexible but sturdy spines and can roll around in ferret-like ways, and their teeth (which I forgot to shade in the bottom panel, shh) are too big for them to close their mouths. My favorite part is their soft furry fleshy waddle things. I love waddles. *sniff* ;_;

I also think Franc is sexy when he's all 'kicking ass and taking names'. The shoes were the writer's idea. I like them. That's all. ^^

-A very sleepy artist

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Dun dun dunn! [22 May 2006|01:54pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Eep. Okay so the writer's keeping up with his end of the comic better than I am sometimes. I did -not- forget to draw Black and the Professor into the third panel until the last moment and I was putting in the text! *hooks a thumb at his chest* Because I -read- the script before I drew it, twice. Now if I could remember anything I read, no matter how many times, it would be a miracle. I'll never get into acting. *sniffs* I'm sorry Alicia Witt, it will never be. Well I could get into modelling.. XD ha, right. Oh about the comic.

- I'm trying to find a happy medium for Franc's chin size. I never intended him to be good looking, and the smaller chin gives that more girly effect. So therefore I try making it bigger, I make it too big, and he looks like Jay Leno. Chins! I shall be your master some day!
- I get so much inspiration from the writer, he challenges me to do stuff I normally wouldn't ever dare in a million years to do. Like the second panel with them on the cliff and all that evilness down below. See I've never done that before. Which might be seen in my poor overhead perspectives of people. But the rest I really really like. ^^ We're good at this comic thing.
- The evil horned kitty thing on the right of the last panel I don't like so much but just wait! I'm very proud of these creatures, and they're in the next one of course. ^^ I like drawing them. 
- The last panel is the "omg!" expression I find so amusing.
That's all. ^_^

-The Artist

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[14 May 2006|08:53pm]

Sunday 14th May.  - I like this one. I think it's funny. I'm also enjoying the full page spread, cos it just looks great.  - Epson is singing badly, by the way.  - Professor is working something out. The revelation will be in a few issues more.  - Dunno where Black is. Off eating something.  Toodle loo!  -the writer.
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first post! [07 May 2006|03:49pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Yay! Um, aside from mentioning I shall no longer put an extra title on the comic pages as I've found it unneeded, and that it's my birthday, and I cannot draw hands or masculine muscles, I've got nothing to say today. ^^ First post! *does the first post dance* alright I'm done.

-the artist

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