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what if the creator was one of us? just a slob like one of us..

-See I can draw much better when I try. I should try more often. Though I'm having issues with the animals, I can never quite get Professor or Black the right size.. 
-I think I finally got Black the proper size for a crow and not say, a raven or small vulture. Though the way he's perched he looks a little like a black canary. 
-By the way, Professor looked a lot better before his spots blended into the darkness in the background.
-I did the lineart well because of current restrictions forcing me to stop being lazy.
-Oh, the joke in this issue is one of my favorites, hilarious stuff. XD
-I also started color coordinating the speech bubbles. I'm eventually going to be trying out new techniques, and the colors will be neccissary. It won't be hard to follow at all though, and I've seen comics do it before and think it's kinda pretty.
-As for the plot, it thickens!

I did official art of Epson on the gallery, shortly I'm going to do Proff and Black, and Franc of course he's just being a butthead about letting me draw him.

-The Artist

- I cackled, actually cackled when I saw Professor's expression. He looks so unimpressed, in complete contrast to Francie who is all "WTF?" And then there's Barty, who is all..."freakin pay attention to what I'm translating here!"
- The whole orginal joke was supposed to be that the mystic raven is stating the very much obvious there, but I think the shift turned towards Professor having matches. Which is good, cos it's much funnier this way. 
- Not much else to say really, as I wrote this a very long time ago and found it hilarious.
- Where's Franc's nipples though? 

-The Writer.
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