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Yes it's late again. <_< Genious cannot be rushed, however. I spent the entire weekend agonizing over how I should piece this together to work without caving in to the urge to fit everything into neat and tidy boxes. And isn't it beautiful? ;-; it's beautiful.

- I love the script for this one, I was crackin' up the second I laid eyes on it. I like how Francie argues with the narrator. And the pink dress. XD Whoo, that was fun to draw. Actually I originally wanted to draw the dress from the movie "pretty in pink", but was too lazy to look it up, since I was in one room and the computer was in the other. I think the flower adds the right "prom dress" touch. I threw in the barette and pink ribbon in his hair so he'd match.

- I didn't do the spark and fiery 'fwoosh' as well as I did the pink sparkly 'poof'.... I wonder if that says something about me. ...... *makes a mental note to look at car magazines later*

- My absolute favorite part is where they're all sitting there huddled round the fire, then after the spark, Epson and Barty get spooked and end up in the distance there with the big eyes. I also like the lighting effects in that same panel with the fire, I just wish I added more shadows, now. But I like the lighting and how it reflects off of Black's eye.

-It really is adorable, how Barty and Epson rely on Francie to do stuff like.. fight big monsters for them and light the fire and stuff.. it's cute. to me.

By the way, I opened up a little store at There's not a lot there yet and there's nothing related to my comics on it as of today, but check it out.

I have to wash dishes now, before I'm too tired to stand up. XD *mosies*

-The Artist
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