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Okay it's just you and me for a little while, now.. Be gentle. ^^;

*sobs* I miss him already! For those of you who don't read older entries and don't know what's going on, the writer took off for a couple months. It's all here.

Though he gave me all the scripts I'd need, isn't that nice? ^^

And sorry about not updating last week, I've been having some personal issues here. My other comic was only updated 'cause I'd already had it finished before the problems arose. xp

As for this week's Kalten!

-I wanted to do purple mountains. Though they're more greyish purple than actual purple..

-Yet again an empty plane! It looks so bare! But I guess it's supposed to be barren?

-That thing Franc is fighting there, I don't have a name for it either, but it's kind of like a... wolf/bear/ape thing. They come bigger than that, also. He was just fighting a little one. Barty probably played scavanger and stole it's dinner, and pissed it off.

-I like how the fire ant turned out. I remember when I was a kid and my brother was telling me about a nest of fire ants in the woods, and I imagined these giant red ants with fire coming off the top of them. Kept me from going into the woods for a few years. XD

-In the last panel, they're supposed to be attacking Epson for singing again.. I dunno if I portrayed that well enough, they kinda look like they're just angrily flying, to me.

People tell me a lot that I can't draw well, but I can cg very well. But you know what? I can draw damn well too! *shakes a fist at the critics*

-The artist
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