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Oh no!

Humm.. Little cogs and wheels turning in my brain.. not fast enough, need more coffee. At five in the morning. I have dishes! I'm not tired! *will go to bed after posting*

Anyway, I did not post the comic late! You're all just a day early. o_O Don't you know it's still Sunday? In my world. ^_^

Photoshop is evil. It says something is 8.5"x11" but it's not. Then when I go to make something that size, it's too big. So like now the comic's really..5.5"x6" or something. But I guess it's okay.. not too big, not too small.. hum.

About these They don't have a name but I pretty much made them up. So far I call them "kitty things". For they have very very very cute babies, which you will see a couple of in the future. Near, far, I dunno, every issue script the writer hands me is a new and pleasant surprise. XD

But anyway, I like them. They've got these bendy really flexible but sturdy spines and can roll around in ferret-like ways, and their teeth (which I forgot to shade in the bottom panel, shh) are too big for them to close their mouths. My favorite part is their soft furry fleshy waddle things. I love waddles. *sniff* ;_;

I also think Franc is sexy when he's all 'kicking ass and taking names'. The shoes were the writer's idea. I like them. That's all. ^^

-A very sleepy artist

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